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"I tried many timer for my computer shop, but to all the timer I used I found Krisan Cafe to have all I want to facilitate and expedite be gaming or services for customers. Security and convenience too. I didn't have to say much and didn't think twice to avail for the professional edition. I salute you sir / madam. Keep up the good work."

- Global Internet Cafe (owned by Ronnie Realin)

"This software is awesome. I now found a timer that can replace my previous one. Super optimizations and the developer can be contacted easily. My customers are very happy with the group chat."

- Justintedz Internet Cafe (owned by Teddy Mendiola)

"Sir, thank you for Krisan I really like your software. This is the best I ever had server software you do not have to look further because almost all are there. Thanks sir Alexander and more power."

- CForce Internet Cafe (owned by Jupith Torrena)

"I also already tried many timer but this is the best of the best for me. No more to look for. Nice interface and easy to use."

- Dreamgate Computer Shop (owned by Jomel Camado)

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No matter how large or small your Cyber Cafe, Gaming Cafe or Internet Cafe shop is, Krisan Cafe will take in-charge and make your life easier. Get started and use Krisan Cafe with full features!

Diskless Support
Krisan Cafe can work with diskless setup. You just need to enable one option on the client settings screen and you are good to go. There is no much hassle in setting up Krisan Cafe in diskless systems.

Time Management
Krisan Cafe handles time management in your Internet Cafe and Cyber Cafe. It records the time in, total time with the charges and displays them both on the client and server screen. With a reliable time management, there are no possibilities for mistakes to occur.

Krisan Cafe
empowers your Internet Cafe and Cyber Cafe with user group-based membership. It allows you to define numerous membership schemes, pricing and settings with each user group.

Employee/Operator Permissions
You can restrict which features or functions should be accessible to employees or operators with Employee Permissions. You can assign them the most secured permissions and you can make sure that they will not commit any mistake.

Print Monitoring
Record all printer activities and print outs in your Internet Cafe and Cyber Cafe shop. With this feature, there is no possibility for operators or employees to make volume print outs for them.

Online Status Monitoring
With Krisan Cafe, you can monitor your total sales for the day even if you are not in the shop. All you need to do is to open the online status link on a device with internet access. Turned on, Turned off, Occupied, Free, Server uptime and Logins Topay are also included in online status monitoring.

Online Sales Report
Monitor your daily sales even when you are not in your shop. Your daily sales report can be downloaded at

Uninterrupted Time
Users' time will still run even when server is shut down. With this Krisan Cafe capability, you can now restart your server computer due to software installation requiring restart or your server computer is accidentally restarted or shut down due to hardware failure. Users' time will be still intact and their bill will be automatically adjusted when server is started again.

Flexible Computer Naming
You can add unlimited devices for rent in your Internet Cafe and Cyber Cafe shop like Xbox, Playstations, tablets and any other devices.

Normal, Scheduled, Dynamic and Custom rate
Define your pricing scheme with these flexible and wide selection of rental rates. With dynamic rate, you can set pricing like 30 Minutes=10.00, 1 Hour=15.00, 2 Hours=20.00, etc. You can also set your prices to be effective on a specific date and time with scheduled rate.

Payment Type Option in Client Login Screen
If Payment Type option is enabled on server, your registered users can select whether to login on postpaid or prepaid payment type. With this feature, your prepaid users have the option to login on postpaid if they have no remaining deposit in their account.

Disable Over 20 Windows Functions for enhanced client computer security
With Krisan Cafe you can add security to your client computers. It reduces the maintenance of your computers by restricting functions like control panel, start menu right-click, taskbar properties, taskbar right-click, desktop properties, My Computer properties, Windows hotkeys, task manager and many more. You can also hide or restrict drive letters in My Computer, restrict internet explorer downloads, block installers (msi) and many more.

Power Interruption Safe
All data is recorded locally in real-time so no need to worry. All logins will resume automatically when the server is restarted.

Power Conservation
Decrease your cafe's power consumption by automatically turning off or put client computers to standby/sleep mode if no user is logged in. You can wake up client computers from sleep mode remotely on server (needs extra Windows configuration).

Maintain an inventory of all the items like snacks, cold drinks and even school supplies. Users can place an order from their own computer using the Krisan Cafe Client.

Free Hour System
Add a unique promo to your Cyber Café with this unique feature of Krisan Cafe. Automatically add free minutes to members who acquired a predefined minutes of PC rentals. Members can use their free minutes upon logging in or upon receiving of free minutes. Additionally, there’s an option to enforce or prompt members for free minutes use.

Rental and Products/Services Sales Report
Krisan Cafe generates detailed reports to provide you the ability to evaluate your business performance.

Employee/Operator Reports
Keep a check on employees with this feature of Krisan Cafe. All cash transactions are recorded so no possibility of an operator committing undesirable  actions.

Website/Program Restriction/Block Installations
Krisan Cafe can block websites or applications on the client computers. You can limit the programs which can be launched and websites that can be viewed on the client computer. You can also block program installations with program restriction.

Prepaid Tickets
Krisan Cafe gives your Internet Cafe and Cyber Cafe a ticketing feature. It allows you to generate a number of prepaid accounts with predefined balance and expiration with a single click and you can then print it. Your customers can buy tickets and only enter the two required information to the client computer in order for them to surf, game or do another task on the computer.

Points System
Do you want to add points to members for every defined computer rental or purchased products/services? Then this feature is for you. You can make awards to members who will reach a number of points.

Prevent System Time change
With this Krisan Cafe feature, your server computer's system time can not be changed. Adding further security.

Preset Login
You don't need to wait for a client computer to completely booted and ready to use before logging in a user. With preset login feature, you can do other task while knowing that the user will be automatically logged in when the computer is ready to use. Preset Login will wait the client computer to connect to server (ready to use) before logging in with the pre-specified login details.

Computer Usage Report
Monitor computers that are busy and computers that are totally not used.

Remote Desktop
View and control your customer's computer screen without leaving the server. Remote Desktop is useful for assisting your customers or showing them how to do a certain task without leaving your seat.

Remote File Manager
Transfer, copy and delete user files on your client computers with Krisan Cafe Remote File Manager feature. It has a pull down listbox of common user folders for easy access.

Remote Task Manager
View and kill tasks on client computers remotely, especially for games that are sometimes are hard to exit and applications that turned to "Not Responding". You and your customers can save time with Krisan Cafe's
Remote Task Manager.

Client Screenshots
You can monitor what your customers are doing on your computers with Krisan Cafe's Screenshots feature. Click Screenshots and the thumbnails of all the turned on computers will be displayed. You can enlarge the thumbnails with your default image viewer.

Bandwidth Monitor
Take a quick grasp of which of your computers or users is consuming low, high or all of your internet bandwidth.

One-Click Closing of All Client's Running Programs
Instantly close all running programs on clients with this handy feature. No more forcing to log off client computers just only to close 20 to 100(and up) open programs. With just one click, all running programs will be closed. You can also set to automatically close all running programs on log out or paid.

Game Menu (Program Launcher)
Create protected shortcuts for your client computers' applications and games. You can set the shortcuts directly from your server. You can also change its background image.

Game Saver
Krisan Cafe gives your registered users the ability to save their gamesaves. Gamesaves will be saved to the server computer allowing them to load it on any client computer. You can set the gamesave paths directly from your server.

Server and Client Terminate Protection
Krisan Cafe Server and Client program can't be terminated in Task Manager making it impossible to shutdown without the consent of the authorized employee or administrator.

Server and Client Executable Files Protection
Krisan Cafe Server and Client program executable files can't be renamed, modified or deleted when running providing solid protection against hacking users.

Client Screen Customization
With Krisan Cafe, you can remotely set all your client computers' desktop wallpaper, screensaver, and lock screen background. You can set multiple images and have them switching automatically. You can set the seconds before the next image switch and have it randomized or in order.

File Cleaning Maintenance
Clean your client computers from users' data like documents, mp3's, videos, and other user downloads. Specify the folders in the File Cleaning Maintenance settings and their contents will be deleted on the first startup of Krisan Cafe Client in a day.

Customizable Quick Access buttons
Add only the functions you want for quick access. No need to hit menus and browse for the functions you want, just single-click buttons.

Automatic Updates
With Krisan Cafe, there is no hassle of updating Krisan Cafe with important fixes and major updates. Depending on your preferred settings, it can automatically download and install the available updates.

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Krisan Cafe

Internet Cafe, Gaming Cafe, Schools, Institutions Laboratory and Library timer, billing and management software.

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Latest Version 3.4.1
Build 2.26.2021

Easy to use and feature rich Internet Cafe, Gaming Cafe, Schools, Institutions Laboratory and Library timer, billing and management software.
Krisan Cafe has helped Internet Cafe owners grow their business by providing reliable, multi-purpose, easy to use and secured timer and billing solution.

Supported Operating System:
Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP (32 and 64 bit)

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